Chapter 4 & 5 – Summary

Well we just had the last Write-Along Movies of the year and it was excellent. The past two films have been enjoyed by all and even made some cry.

In Chapter 4 we raised £6.34 and in Chapter 5 we raised £16.20 for First Story.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who turns up and keeps turning up to these events, you’re all very inspiring in your productivity. Kepp writing and see you in the new year.


Chapter 3 – Summary

The film was enjoyed by all but everyone had a different reading of the main character and this sparked up some interesting discussion. Inspired by the film most of us decided to keep talking and listening to each other and it was intimate.

We then still did some writing and exchanged work and notes.

For First Story £4.50 was raised meaning so far in total £38.67 has been raised by all of us.

The next event will be November 18th at Genesis Cinema.


Chapter 2 – Summary

We almost sold out the screen for the second Write-Along Movies. Everyone seemed to love the film and many hadn’t seen it or knew about it, saw many teary eyes afterwards.

The writer’s hub was great, I myself was very insular and didn’t do much talking but I saw many people start collaborations with strangers and that was a beautiful sight.

We raised even more money for First Story, this time the total was £19.50.

And here is a very dark picture I took halfway through the event.

See you at the next one, you can book tickets here: http://genesiscinema.co.uk/GenesisCinema.dll/WhatsOn?Film=7849068


Chapter 1 – Summary

This is the post excerpt.

The first Write-Along Movies was a complete success. The screen was filled with complete strangers who all got to watch an excellent film as well as myself nervously introduce it. Everyone who came was absolutely lovely, hard-working and personable; some of us formed a Facebook group to share work and anyone who comes to the event is welcome to join.

With the event having a great turnout and everyone giving it positive feedback it has become a regular event at Genesis Cinema now so thank you all.

Also we collected donations to First Story and made £14.67 prompting them to send us this letter: First Story Letter.jpg Hopefully we can make more on the next one, see you all then.